Insight to Value™ Training
Research-backed training that delivers measurable impact.
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Enable your teams to delight customers with better insight
A modern, research-backed program designed to increase the value delivered in sales interactions with techniques proven to lift conversion rates and boost customer loyalty. Teams learn to convert deep customer understanding into insights resulting in a differentiated unique, sales experience.
Focus areas:
Account Executives / Managers
Sales Management
Customer Success Teams
Focused Modules
Short modules focused on all the most important moments in sales.
Interactive Sessions
Interactive sessions focus on peer learnings.
Experienced Practitioners
Sessions are delivered by experienced practitioners.
Tools Included
Learners are provided with tools to use during and beyond the program’s duration.
Leadership Consultation
We consult with leadership to align around organizational goals prior to delivery; these are practical sessions.
Commercial Coaching
We jump-start internal performance efforts by offering participants individual commercial coaching sessions with one of our experts.
Inspire change with practical, science-backed tools and techniques that deliver measurable results
Value & Results
Align teams and inspire change for measureable business results
Improved conversion rates across each stage
Master the skills that matter for each important moment
Build a common language
Accelerate the business 
Increase in customer loyalty and referrals
Learn how high performers overcome customer indecision
Our partnership with JOLT brings world class content, tools, and experiential learning to IR customers. "This book will spark a transformation in the way we sell." — Dan Heath, NYT best-selling co-author of Switch, Made to Stick, The Power of Moments, and Upstream.
Practical tools and insights to help inspire change and unlock new opportunities for growth.
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Explore all Insights
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